Welcome to the SMaHT Network!

The Somatic Mosaicism Across Human Tissues (SMaHT) is a new initiative sponsored by the National Institutes of Health, Office of Strategic Coordination - The Common Fund. This initiative will investigate somatic variations: DNA changes that occur as our bodies develop, grow, and age, and how these changes impact health and disease. For the first time, scientists will create a large-scale, systematic catalog of somatic variation, providing an invaluable resource for the broader scientific community.

This video can be found on the NIH website.

Key Outcomes

A catalog of somatic variants in select tissues from diverse human donors.

A SMaHT data workbench that seamlessly integrates with current tools to study DNA sequences, like genome browsers, and combines analysis of somatic variation with the current human genome.

Innovative sequencing tools and analysis methods that optimize variant detection.

Fundamentally new ways of understanding the contribution of somatic variation to human biology through the development of new technologies, analysis methods, and extensive datasets.